Beauty: 7 Eyeliner mistakes which you should avoid!!

The most important part of makeup is applying the eyeliner. Apart from being the most important part, it is the trickiest part of makeup as well. Eyeliner is a necessity for some and a go-to look for others. While doing the eyes, eyeliner is the part where women tend to make most of the mistakes. From not knowing the correct shape of liner that will suit them to not getting the liner even in both the eyes, there is number of mistakes which you’re committing knowingly or unknowingly. But, don’t you worry. Today we’re here to fix your most common eyeliner mistakes. Have a look.

7. Stretching your skin while applying eyeliner.

Most of the women have a habit of extending or stretching their eyelids while applying eyeliner. This should however not be done! This makes your skin wrinkled, and you’ll notice fine lines near your eyes. Instead of stretching your eyes, try lifting your chin up, a bit, and then you can look down at your appearance. This will serve your purpose of getting the eyeliner correctly onto your eyes.

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