7 Things Your Period Blood Color Says About Your Health!

Periods, and most importantly, period blood are slowly becoming less taboo to society. Knowing what your period blood should look like might save you from very dangerous conditions. For example, the light pink color of your period may signal low estrogen levels and could be a signal of an approaching osteoporosis diagnosis later in life.

We found out what your period blood color can tell you about your health and how to deal with it.

7. Pink-ish color

Pink-ish colored period blood may signify low estrogen levels. If you’re an avid runner, this could also be a reason for your menstrual blood to be light in color, as it’s been proven that playing sports, especially running, may cause the estrogen levels to drop.

It’s something to watch out for as some studies have found a connection between low estrogen and osteoporosis later in life.

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