7 Things Your Period Blood Color Says About Your Health!

Did you know that every month your period can warn you from very serious diseases?

Next time pay close attention to the color of your period and watch out for any health issues. It’s always advised to visit your doctor on a regular basis to make sure you uterus is fine.

It’s always smart to listen to what your body is trying to tell you by noticing your period color. You could be saving your uterus just by noticing your period blood color.

There are 7 different period colors, and each will warn from a certain health issue.

7. Pink-ish color

If you’re having a pink colored blood that means you have low estrogen levels. If you jog or run a lot, that’s probably why your period color is light. Scientific researches have proved that playing sports, aerobics and running cause a drop in your estrogen levels.

You should be careful because, in the long run, low estrogen levels means osteoporosis in the future.

6. Watery

If you’re having watery (super pink period blood), that means you’re not eating healthy foods. That’s a strong indication that you’re nutrient-deficient. Sometimes, it also means that you have ovarian cancer!

Don’t be nervous just yet! You should know that Fallopian-tube cancer is only 2% likely to happen out of all gynecological cancers.

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