7 Creative Half Bathroom Ideas

The British call the half bathroom “the cloakroom” – which is a curious, yet typically polite description for the “downstairs loo”. Needless to say, the Brits generally don’t wear cloaks (not since the 17th century, anyway), so a room dedicated to storing them is a bit of a misnomer.

So, now we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, we can move on to our fabulous selection of half bathrooms: one of the most functional rooms in the house and probably more in demand than the master suite. It seems odd that so many of us just tuck an uninspiring white box under the stairs and make do with it.

We’ve foraged the internet for some inspired half bathroom ideas, and we think that we’ve found some rooms that exceed functionality with a breathtaking beauty that you’re unlikely to expect. Get ready to fall in love with the smallest room in the house all over again.

Super Space-age

Wow. This enchanting cloakroom uses LED light and minimalistic furniture to create expanse in this tiny space tucked in the corner of the house. The walls and floor are adorned with identical strip-tiling, providing a unifying aura of stone calm in this sanctuary of serenity. The floating toilet and hidden cistern give the impression of roominess, while the pedestal basin rises from the floor in an oval tube concluding in a concave bowl, like an open palm stretching from the ground. But the crowning glory of this masterful, minimalist shrine of zen is the LED lighting that gives the impression that the walls are hovering in an infinite abyss, while the ceiling lifts from its moorings, apparently welcoming in daylight as if a spacecraft were preparing for touchdown. The candle-fest scattered across the shelf which sits underneath the surprisingly understated mirror brings a soft femininity to this salute to the space-age. Inspired.

via idlights.com

The Nautical

Again, there’s another wow just waiting to pop out here. We love the exquisite juxtaposition between the fawn brick-tiling and the wooden-clad wall, highlighting the natural allure of the wood’s grain against the stony weft of the tiling. The bathroom furniture is sleek and circular, adding a sexy annular curve to this curation of right angles. The circularity of the sink is reflected in the mirror, encircled by a nautical rope, complete with reef knots. The five randomly hung lights are industrial and unfussy, completing the selection of seemingly random shapes and materials in a beautiful composition of warm tones and clean lines. Superb.

via Pinterest

The Texture Tile

This downstairs throne-room makes excellent use of textured tiling to lift this rectangular box into the realms of magnificence. The toilet furniture is disappointingly standard and unspectacular, but the pedestal sink unit and square mini-Belfast sink bring some chic, sharp edges that elevate this room from the basic toward the regal. The inset faucet is a nice touch, with the mixer tap lounging downwards in a nonchalant curve. The walls painted in Egyptian cotton are, perhaps a little safe and bland – you could really ring out the natural tonal variety in the textured tiling with a braver choice of pewter gray or denim. Nonetheless, this is a fine example of what texture brings to a half bathroom. A good starting point.

via hometalk.com

Drawing Room Blue

Conventional wisdom suggests that deep, rich, dark colors in a small space can be claustrophobic, but this Drawing Room Blue is so deep, matte and luxurious, that it perfectly offsets the blinding white of its nether regions. The velveteen texture of the paintwork is enhanced all the more in the way that it soaks in light like a sponge, reflecting it back in muted, diluted, tonal radiance. The stark white of the brick tiling, the cistern-less toilet, and the narrow vanity unit bring crispness to this pocket of affluent tonal variety. The random floor tile is very much a feature of 2018 interior design, and this black and white selection of ethnic and geometric patterns unites the deep, rich shades of the upper walls to the blinding plethora of clinical white. The wall art and the asymmetrical mirror adds jauntiness to this fantastic space; sure to impress visitors, and get them rushing to the nearest paint aisle. Fabulous.

via thedestinyformula.com

The Powder Room

This simple selection of understated luxury is sandwiched between silver walls that glow with a cool, calm energy in this stunning powder room. The marble plinth is topped with a squared, chamfered sink unit, which sits directly in the middle of the highly polished stone. The feature wallpaper adds a little Moroccan tessellation to this charming collection of sumptuous sophistication, while the pocket-watch mirror brings some central focus, curtained by wall lighting that borrows curves from the tessellated patterns in the print. The exposed piping matches the traditional mixer tap, introducing some Victorian elegance into this bright powder palace, built for pampering. Luxurious.

via jessicaconner.com

Tucked In and Perfectly Formed

This cloakroom is snugly tucked underneath the stair treads, making maximum use of a space that’s often relegated to a dumping ground for coats, boots, and rubbish – maybe even cloaks. This two-door water closet opens out completely, revealing the continuation of the beautiful laminate flooring, set against the regular grey tiling that contrasts proudly against the burnt reds of the wood. The chalice sink unit is stylish and unexpected, while the cisternless toilet appears to float, affording spaciousness to this tight space that feels ample. The circular mirror echoes the toilet seat’s annularity, while the angled door sits snugly into the staircase and hides this unexpected space away from view. Gorgeous.

via apartmenttherapy.com

Kaleidoscopic Lighting

This half bathroom is glorious in understated magnificence. The textured wall creates a real focal point for this classy loo, while the Latte wall paint lifts the natural variation in the hues inherently packed into the stone. The floating vanity unit with marble top sink is another luxurious touch, while the five-pendant lighting sprays ornamental luminance around the space like refracted diamonds. The laminate flooring further enhances the browns of the wood and the walls. The inset waterfall faucet spout is the cherry atop the cake in this wonderful half bathroom dedicated to luxury and panache. Marvellous.

via Pinterest

So, there you have it. Some wonderful half bathroom ideas that are sure to get the grey matter stirring. We love how cisternless toilets and feature walls add space and dimension to the tiniest room in the house. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section and share with your friends.

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