10 Early Warning Symptoms of a Blood Clot You Should Never Ignore


One red flag is an increase in temperature on and around the afflicted area. In addition, the region will be itchy and sore. If attempts to treat the problem using home therapies fail, it is an indication of the existence of a clot. Understanding the issue allows one to prevent the condition from worsening.

Another common blood clot symptom is a variation in temperature where the clot is suspected. Much like the discoloration, this is caused by a disruption of blood flow. If this temperature variation continues and you have a history of increased risk of blood clots, call your doctor.

8.Unexplained exhaustion

If your schedule is hectic and there never seems to be a moment to relax, it’s understandable that the system suffers fatigue. But absent that heavy regimen, exhaustion may signal a blood clot that the body is trying to destroy. In order to do so, the heart must work overtime, causing unexplained exhaustion to occur. This condition also occurs in deep vein thrombosis.

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