10 Early Warning Symptoms of a Blood Clot You Should Never Ignore

4.Unexpected coughs 

Coughs that come out of nowhere and intensify can be a sign that a clot, albeit a smaller one, has formed in the lungs. Signs that things are more serious include coughing up blood or producing mucus that contains blood. If you think clots are an issue, this is yet another warning sign that you should get checked.


If severe cramps become frequent it is a serious sign that a possible blood clot exists. Everyone experiences cramps from time to time. But dehydration associated with clotting can lead to cramps. Look for discomfort in the calf muscle as an indication a clot has formed.

Normally, the way to relieve a cramp is to bend the foot backwards to stretch the muscle. If that practice doesn’t help and the pain increases, there is a good chance the cause is a blood clot and the matter should be treated.

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