10 Early Warning Symptoms of a Blood Clot You Should Never Ignore

1.Other potential signs

When the heart works harder to eliminate the clot, the heart-rate will increase. This leads to issues ranging from a low-grade fever to dizziness upon rising after sitting or lying down for a while to anxiety. These are symptoms not normally associated with blood clots and because of that, may be overlooked or not taken seriously. Knowing these subtle signs can save your life. Better to be safe than sorry should a concern turn out to be nothing at all.

No one likes to acknowledge that they have an illness. But denial and ignorance can only make the problem worse. A well-informed individual can identify the early warning signs of blood clots and treat the ailment before it becomes fatal. Education is everything and being proactive is the best way for the person to have control over their own well-being. With the proper approach, the threat can be confronted and tomorrow will be a good day! Take control and believe it.

Remember that “he who conceals his disease cannot be cured” (Ethiopian Proverb). One must be open and honest with one’s condition in order to ensure a problem can be solved.

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