8 Silent Signs of Clogged Arteries that You Should Never Ignore

Arteries are the blood vessels that carry the oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the body’s tissues. Each artery is a smooth muscle lined with three layers. – WebMD

The arteries in our body are important to our health. Without a fully functional system of arterial vessels, the blood in our body cannot be effectively delivered to our organs. As such, it is important that our lifestyle promotes the health of these blood vessels.

Clogged arteries can cause a variety of health problems, some of which can be life-threatening. A heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease are some of these conditions. In addition, a variety of disorders can come from clogged arteries, including vision loss, arthritis and chronic pain.

Although the detection of possibly obstructed arteries is more difficult than many other conditions, it is actually possible to identify congested arteries as a symptom. By identifying one of these signs, we have the opportunity to see a doctor before serious health problems occur.


Here are 8 signs you may have clogged arteries:

8.Lower back pain

The arteries in our lower back are among the first areas to accumulate plaque. As such, lower back pain is a common first symptom of arterial blockage. Lower back pain can occur when reduced blood flow in the back weakens the discs that cushion the vertebrae – causing painful hernias and pinched nerves.

An arterial defect in the spinal region is a relatively common condition. Consider that approx. 10% of the population will have advanced lower back barriers within 20 years. Thanks to this knowledge, it is advantageous for our children to receive a physical examination at least once a year.

In a European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery study, people with chronic back pain have an increased risk of developing clogged arteries in the lower back.

so Your lower back pain might not be a simple sign of aging muscles. According to the Physicians Community for Responsible Medicine, the lower back is also often one of the first parts of the body to accumulate plaque. You’ll feel pain because the reduced blood flow to the area can weaken the disks that cushion the vertebrae. A heart attack shows up differently in men and women Open Next Page to See More.

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