8 Silent Signs of Clogged Arteries that You Should Never Ignore

6. Discomfort or pain of the legs and feet

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Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is an accumulation of cholesterol and plaque that can occur at the extremities. MAP often causes discomfort in the feet and legs, potentially limiting the ability to walk. In the most severe cases, CSA is advanced enough to cause the loss of a limb.

Again, simple tests identify arterial conditions such as PAD. During a routine medical examination, a doctor will check the pulse of the feet. In addition, the doctor may also perform a screening that determines the blood flow to the ankle.

Persons suffering from frequent leg pain or fatigue should undergo a PAD test. Current or former smokers are at increased risk for this disorder, as are those with a family history of MAP or other cardiovascular problems Open Next Page to See More.

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