8 easy skin secrets dermatologists don’t want you to know

1. Before Botox, More Sleep

If you think your skin is soft, crushed, wrinkled or older than you think, the cause may be as simple as lack of sleep. In addition to smoking, lack of exercise and unprotected sun exposure, there is a lack of sleep at the top of the list of factors that can make you look older.

So, before doing anything else, try adding a few hours of sleep to your daily routine. It can be difficult to turn off appliances and fall asleep, but it can save you countless hours a day that you can use to combat the effects of burnout.

The conclusion is that even if your dermatologist is an important part of your skin care routine, the most effective tools at your disposal are often personal care. Rest more, evacuate stress and eat fresh and healthy food. Set aside vanity and free up makeup more often, especially in the gym. All these measures can be inexpensive while contributing to more than a healthier skin. They are added to make you happier.


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